What Are the Benefits of Responsive Website Design

What Are the Benefits of Responsive Website Design

Businesses are trying to achieve brand awareness and lead more generations through their corporate websites. To accomplish these goals, it is essential for businesses to provide an excellent user experience to its visitors. Businesses in Ghana must look for top web design companies like Ghana Web Designs for their website design/redesign as only such companies like ours have the potential to develop or rebuild a website that is aesthetically appealing and user-friendly.

What Are the Benefits of Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design allows the website to adapt to the dimensions of the device used targeting quick loading and distortion-free interface. This offers the users freedom from manually zooming the site to view content. To understand in-depth, the below-mentioned are the top five benefits of having a responsive web design. Here at Ghana Web Designs Co Ltd, we offer responsive web design services to businesses and individuals across the country.

1. Target Mobile Audience: According to the reports by Statista on mobile device traffic, mobile devices account for over half of total global web traffic generation. This compels web designers to design a site that can accommodate customers using assorted gadgets to access the site. When the site is not constrained on the type of devices, business owners notice a boost in the number of mobile visitors as well as their session duration.
2. Faster Web Pages: In the fierce competition amongst service providers, to gain the attention of the prospects, the businesses must have a site that is quick to load and easy to navigate. In addition, the web designer must know how to incorporate additional plug-ins and third-party tools without affecting the performance and speed of the site. A slow and distorted website will have a higher bounce rate than the one with a responsive design.
3. Social Media Reach: A well-designed site can hold responsive social media buttons. This allows readers to easily share the site’s content across multiple social media platforms, expediting product exposure. This increases the brand’s credibility amongst prospects, leading to increased organic traffic and conversions. Moreover, social media plug-ins enhance user-engagement and can boost rankings on SERPs in the long run.
4. Reduced Maintenance Cost: If a company develops two different sites for its desktop users and mobile users, the cost of maintaining the site doubles. However, having a responsive design reduces time and resources on sustaining the site. Moreover, handling a single site allows designers to detect and prevent potential threats or downtime. Besides, implementing SEO strategies are more cost-effective for a unique responsive website instead of devising multiple plans. 
5. Avoid Duplicacy: Even when the company uses a different URL for its mobile version, having two versions of the same website causes content duplication. This can harm the site’s search engine optimization prospects as the search engine bots won’t identify which content is relevant. This can further result in lower search ranks for both versions. Whereas, having a responsive web design allows businesses to focus on generating engaging content for a single site, eliminating content replication.
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